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DGCA Ground Classes Academy is owned and operated by senior Airline Pilots and retired Air Force Pilots and Engineers. We have realized that one person teaching all the subjects is not going to work anymore with the DGCA going online and changing their question bank every session. Every student is not going to get same questions. All students intending to appear for the DGCA exams whether Pilots or Engineers must realize that, reading some old notes and question bank from various instructors is not going to work anymore to pass the DGCA exams. We update our notes and questions constantly to stay in pace with the DGCA exam pattern to achieve the highest pass percentage.

Our faculty uses latest teaching techniques and presentation of most of the lessons are shown on the projectors on a big screen for the students to understand the subject better which helps in DGCA oral test and airline interviews. Our staff will assist you with guidance of DGCA procedures. One week prior to exams you will be given extensive practice of 100% simulated DGCA exams on our Academy computers. You feel as if you are taking DGCA exams right here. If you pass our exams we guarantee you pass DGCA exams. Our prices are reasonable and accommodation with boarding is provided for outstation students for reasonable price unlike others in the industry.

Call our number immediately to enroll yourself. 100% free counseling for new students and the students who are not able to fulfill DGCA requirement and their paper work is pending. At present we are located in Hyderabad. We are starting our branches in Delhi and Mumbai. If you are interested to join in Delhi or Mumbai please let our representative know about your intentions. Prior enrolment is necessary for all the places.


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